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The fact that Batman: Death of the Family was so hyped about and there are tons of excellent reviews from Batman comic fanatics, I knew I had to get my hands on it!!! So I place my orders for a book and mask set at for RM125.52 after a 20% newbie discount (original price RM156.90) and received my orders after 5 days (mphonline did a great job!!)

The link is here

For the review:

This is what it looks like, the comic was supposed to be inside the box but i took it out to show you guys. Its basically A box with a SCARY AS HELL joker mask and a Volume 3 Death of the Family comic book inside. Lets start with the creepy mask, shall we?

Front View

Back View 

The Joker Mask

The Joker Mask is actually optional, by which I mean you can opt to purchase only the comic book but without the mask, which will cost you about RM85 or so, but still since I got the Book and Mask Set, I would love to show you guys the mask. 

One thing you guys have to know about this particular Joker mask is WHY DOES IT LOOKS FREAKING SCARY... Because in the previous story, there was this villian name Dollmaker who removed Joker's face with Joker willingly to do it. Joker actually pinned his face (or his skin mask) on the wall of Arkham to make his point. Thats why this mask is made to looked like it was RIPPED OFF. Not those original funny joker masks you encounter in the past, this one has a much darker story to it. 

So I took it out of the box, the mask is pretty big for me, fit for a guy's face
As described by the box: The inside of the mask. Its a hand-painted vinyl latex Joker mask (people allergy to LATEX please take note!!), featuring sewn-on hair and a white elastic band (for mine is black with Velcro). Mask was manufactured in GuangDong, China. 

The side view. After you wear the mask and secured it on your face, the green hair draped down to cover your head. Therefore making it quite a good quality mask overall!!! Have two eye openings, one nose and one mouth opening (we don't want you to lose your breath now, don't we?) Also an original batman tag inside the mask (original is the key, because who wants fake batman goodies?)

My feelings for this mask is:

1. Overall I think its quite an impressive mask for the price, good for cosplayers or halloween pranks to scare the life outta your mum.
2. There are enough details on the mask to make it realistic and scary as hell, not to mention the green locks!!! Green locks looks kinda fake but still who cares...unless you want to dye your own hair green...
3. It doesn't really feel as soft as real skin, but still wearable provided that you are not allergic to latex, materials can still be improved thou
4. Too big for my face, makes it kind of droppy when i wore it!!! The Velcro isn't all that securing too...
5. Great collection for any Joker's fanatics!!! I LOVE JOKER SO YEAH I LOVE THIS!!!

Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family

"DEATH OF THE FAMILY will go down as one of the best Joker stories in history." -CRAVEONLINE

"One of the best Batman runs in the history of the character."-IGN

This is the cover of the comic book, written by Scott Synder, one of the most exciting comic book writers in the industry!!! I wouldn't want to spoil your fun of reading this comic afterwards, so I'll keep the spoilers to minimum. 

My Thoughts:

1. Overall Presentation: It dissapoints me when I knew the book was in Softcover and isnt as large as The Killing Joker comic book, which presentation appeals to me more. Neverthelessly, It is fairly thick and decent, I spent one whole day reading it, good to kill the time!!!

2. Graphics: The graphics left me in awe, it shows the most dangerous, psycho and horrifying side of Joker more than anything I have ever read or seen. I do love the art in this comic book a lot.

3. Storyline: The storyline is impressive, I have to say that it is my favourite story of Joker and Batman up to date. In this dark tale, Joker is back into Gotham City (it was presumed that he was dead/disappeared for good) to retrieved his skinned face. He has somehow transformed into something more deadly, insidious and merciless than ever before. For once the Dark Knight wasn't his only target, but the people close to Batman, such as Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Robin (Damien), NightWing, Batgirl (Barbara), Red Hood (Jason Todd), and Red Robin. In this twisted tale, the Clown Prince of Crime unleash his most unpredictable, vicious and psychotic assault on everyone Batman holds dear. THIS IS ONE BATMAN COMIC YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT!!! and I am not exaggerating!!!


A MILLION YES!!! For batman fans or someone just wanting an exciting good superhero comics!!! This is a MUST HAVE comic book!!!

NO if you dislike Batman...(how could you dislike Batman?)

Some preview and scenes from the comic I got from

Thats all from me, do check out my other blog posts on comics

Signing off with a grin, afterall everyone need a smile *Ha..Ha...Ha*

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