Batman: The Killing Joke (The Deluxe Edition)


"I loved THE KILLING JOKE...It's my favourite. It's the first comic I've ever loved."- Tim Burton

"Easily the greatest Joker story ever told, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE is also one of Alan Moore's finest works. If you've read it before, go back and read it again. You owe it to yourself."

"...a genuinely chilling potrayal of Batman's greatest foe."-Booklist 

Hi guys, I am back with another Batman Comic Review.Today we are going to look into Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe edition and my thoughts on it. Lets get going, batsy!!!
Price: My BF got this for me at Kinokuniya Bookstore KL for RM 66.60.

So this deluxe edition is actually a newer, more refurbish and definitive edition of  Joker comic (done by write Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland) 20 years ago. It was the very first comic that gave the world a glimpse of the events that made The Joker who he is. In other words, this book here shows the ORIGIN of the Clown Prince of Crime,

The front cover

My thoughts:

Overall Presentation: The book is in Hard Cover, which is good for collection. It is about 28cmx18.5cm, and has ample pages to read for a comic.

Graphics: Graphics are smoothly coloured and well painted. Here are some samples.

Joker in the killing joke

Storyline: SPOILER ALERT!!!

The story starts off with Batman visiting the Joker in Arkham only to find out Joker was set free. Then there are series of old memories when Joker was still a normal man with his wife and unborn child, struggling to pay rent. We are constanly reverting back and forth of Joker's memories in this comic, of how he became what he is now. Joker became the Red Hood for the sake of acting for money but was eventually chase down by Batman out of misunderstanding. I guess Batman has his soft spot for Joker because he felt responsible for what he forced the Joker into.

However, the shocking part of this comic is not solely his origin, but the way how Joker drag Commisioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbara into his world of murderous madness, and its up to Batman to stop them. Joker's methods in this comic are somewhat very very sick, including shooting Barbara in the abdomen, stripping her and take pictures to "prove his point". Joker also drag Commisioner Gordon away into a sickening deserted carnival place and has his little ugly minions to strip his naked before proceeding to torture him both physically and mentally, in which Gordon almost lose his sanity. The worst thing Joker did to Gordon was to show him pictures of Barbara (Gordon's daughter) being sexually assaulted by Joker earlier on, which was the worst thing one can ever do to a loving father. 

The comic come to an end where Batman and Joker have their fight in the carnival. While Joker was being beat down by Batman, the both have a short talk. Batman offered Joker rehabilitation but Joker politely denied. He then proceed to tell Bats a joke about two guys in a lunatic asylum. The story ends with Batman laughing to the Joker's joke (or Bats got insane?) and both disappear into the night. My guess is that Joker was sent back to the asylum but who knows?

So the storyline of The Killing Joke is definitely impressive, although is not as psycho as the one in Death of the Family, but still, its one of the best Joker stories out there, no joke. 


Yes. This book is a Joker-fanatic staple because obviously it reflect the origins of Joker and some of his more cruel murderous ways of crime. Its not everyday you see Joker like that, most of the time he just grinned and do stupid stuffs (without actually shooting or hurting people'd bodies and minds) and then get caught by Batman all over again. But in this comic and Death of the Family, HE IS DIFFERENT. WORTH TO READ OVER AND OVER AGAIN. WORTH AS A COLLECTION

Thats all for my review and thoughts on this comic book!!
Signing off with a grin *HE...HE...HE...HE..HE...*

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures and gifs in this post. 

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