Does It Work: Egyptian Magic Cream Review


"I slather this all over my face in over night flights to keep my skin hydrated."-Kate Hudson, actress.

"All natural, good old fashioned everything cream...It's the only beauty product I couldn't live without."-Lizzy Jagger, Model. 

We all want good skin and we all believe whatever good reviews on the internet. That's what happened to me when I first saw Egyptian Magic Cream on NattaCosme Shop on Rakuten. For your information, beside having subshops at and Rakuten, Natta Cosme also have their own website. They are an International Cosmetic shop that set foot in Asia, Europe and America. They have a variety of beauty products there on their website. 

I purchase my first 4oz/ 118ml EMC at Natta Cosme through Rakuten for around RM148 (original price was RM135 but due to the fact that I live in East Malaysia, I had to pay the shipping fee due to insufficient purchase of RM200, RM200=free shipping). I totally forgot to take picture of the parcel but I should said that Natta Cosme really cares for their customers. The shipping was very fast, my parcel arrive in good shape at about 3 days of ordering. It came in a big box with my bottle of cream, a letter and some free samples. Those free samples include a klairs mask, RED serum, EMC 3ml trial pack, Chica Y Chico Total S3.0 serum. 

Something I like to let you guys know before you start using the full bottle one is, the little 3ml trial EMC was sent to buyers for a reason. You see, EMC company sorta guaranteed that: If for any reason you are not satified with this product, please return the half used jar and receipt to the place or case for a full refund. And if you bought yours from Natta Cosme, they do offer a money back guarenteed 14 days upon receiving your EMC. So my advice is to first use your 3ml free trial to see if you liked it or not, and if you do, feel free to open into your full size bottle of EMC. And if you did not like it, at least you got your money back if you did not open the bottle, or you might as well re-sell if your friends or family. 

Enough  talking about the purchasing part, lets start with the reviewing part shall we?

PART 1: Ingredients

So the ingredients are simple, just 6 natural ingredient, which is also the selling point of this EMC.
Its 100% natural and therefore its said to be very good for your skin  and has many uses.

* olive oil
* bees wax
* honey
* bee pollen
* royal jelly
* bee propolis

PART 2: Usage 

People around the world use EMC as:

  • Skin care moisturer and beauty cream
  • Healing burns and treating cuts and scrapes/skin irritations
  • Lighten and minimize Scars and skin discolouration/ healing scars
  • Natural Hair Conditioner
  • Eczema and Psoriasis treatment 
  • Skin rash cream (from allergy, environmental irritants, insect bites, metal skin irritants, heat rash, cloth material, pregnancy)
According to some bloggers, they also used it as their: 
  • Baby cream 
  • First aim cream
  • Make up remover 
  • Sunscreen
  • To reduce post-pregnancy stretch marks
  • Lip Balm
PART 3: My Thoughts on EMC and How it worked for me

Appearance: Cream yellow and glossy, looks like Vaseline
Texture: Greasy and thick, melts into oil when rubbed in between the palms.
Smell: It just smell natural, no distinctive smell to aptly describe this thing, but the smell is mild and waxy.

How I use it: I have been using it for A WEEK now. I used it only on my arms and legs, and very minimum amount on my neck and cheeks. I would rub some in between my palms to let it melt down into oil then applied it to my arms and legs, a little bit extra on my rough spots (elbow, ankle and knee) and areas that contain scars. I had this nasty scratch on my nose that day so I applied some at that area too.

What I LIKE about it

1. Good for would healing and soothing cuts. 
2. Moisturizes my skin well. My usually scaly dry skin is soft and smooth now. 
3. Lighten scars. My scars on both my hands are lightened!!! 
4. Its multipurpose. You can used it anywhere on your body and for anything you can think of,
5. Its Au Naturale. You wont be bother about how many additives they have, because they have NONE!!
6. A little goes a long way. Its very concentrated and one bottle can really last for quite sometimes.

What I DISLIKE about it:

1. Can't be washed off by soap because its CRAZY GREASY. I am not a fan of sticky greasy beauty products and EMC is just like an adhesive adhering to my skin. I tried applying overnight and the next morning it wont even come off by soap. During the shower, I find myself constantly rubbing it off but to no avail, it feels like a layer of wax covering my skin when I am showering. 

2. I don't like it on my face. Applying something that greasy on your face would somehow cause breakout due to all the oil. The most I go is on my neck, but if you really want to apply it on your face, minimize the amount and put just a thin layer would do.

3. I don't like going out with this on my skin. Generally I wouldn't slap this on my body and go shopping. Its crazy greasy and it feel uncomfortable under the hot sun. I would recommend you apply this before you go to bed and preferably in an air-conditioned room so you would be sweating and feeling even digusted. 

4. Bad Idea to use it as hair conditioner. You would never want to use this on your whole head. If you really want to try that out, please just use a little but on your hair ends. Since its very hard to wash off with soap, you are likely to end up with greasy hair for a very long time. 

5. It doesnt come cheap. RM135 for a bottle. I can get a good lotion or something for my arms and legs with that kinda money. A good face cream comes about with that kinda price as well.

OVERALL: I do not like this product as much I expected myself too, but I do not hate it too because it does makes my skin smooth and soft and my nasty scars does fade!!! However, I dont think I will repurchase it after I finish my first bottle.


Yes. I would recommend it to people who is searching for an awesome skin moisturizer for BODY (not face) who don't mind spending money, love natural products and is perfectly OK with the oil-based products, perhaps some with skin irritations or for soothing burns and would healing. 

No. I would not recommend it for people who is searching for face beauty products or magical anti aging creams. 

Thats all from me, hope you find this useful. 
Signing off with love. 


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