Guide To Newbies: How to Start Playing the Guitar WITHOUT A TEACHER


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

"Someone told me the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar."-Niall Horan 

"Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you'll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you're gonna be rewarded."-Jimi Hendrix

I was not the musical type of kid when I was young, but I have always admire people who play the guitar and drum. I did not have the motivation to learn guitar until 3 years ago, when I found myself in the magical journey of learning guitar BY MYSELF. Yes, you heard it, all I had was a clumsy guitar, my laptop on youtube, and stinking painful fingertips. Come to think of it, it did save me some guitar tutor fees for heaven sake. Today I would like to share with you HOW to start the same journey as I did. LEARNING GUITAR BY YOURSELF. STEP-BY-STEP.

STEP 1: Have the MOTIVATION to start learning
Ask yourself the reason you want to learn guitar, have some motivation to push you, for example, you aspire to sing and strum to impress your crush, or you want to perform infront of your friends, or you just want to take your mind off somethings thats bothering you. Have that motivation to fuel you up. 

After you are the most motivated person in the world, remember that you still need practicals despite APP Store has those virtual guitar you can tap with. Get a guitar from music stores or borrow it from your relatives, by hook or by crook, get a guitar!!! 

STEP 3: Identify your learning source
Now that you have a guitar, its time to find a master for you to learn with, someone or something to teach you the basics. It can be free online classes, youtubers, some beginner guitar guide books you bought in bookstores or even your family and friends. 
Here are some links:
Complete Guitar Course book can be found at popular form as low as RM 32.90 (member price) 
Original Price: RM78.00

STEP 4: Start off easy with the basics
I know you want to start impressing people by learning complicated chords and strumming, but unless you are a musical prodigy, that is not going to work well and you'll end up giving up earlier than you expected. Start off simple with those basic chords like Am, C, F, G chords and easy strumming techniques. Work your way up.

Chords: Image above by flickr. Just a sample where you should start with.

Easy basic Strumming pattern: by 

STEP 5: Practise Makes Perfect
I remember when I was learning the guitar myself, I practiced strumming, basic chords progression, pressing techniques and singing alone for a minimum of 8 hours per day. It was painful for my fingers but once the callus develop on your fingertips, it will feel much better. Soon after 10 days, my fingers werent as painful as before, my skills was improving and I can sing along when I strum. 

TIPS: You can use handiplast or Micropore tape to tape over your severely painful fingers and continue to practise. Because once you stop for some days, the callus begins to soften up and you'll have to start all over again. PAINFUL....

STEP 6: Never stop improving your skills
Experimenting with more advance skills or playing around with different chords are a good way to improve your guitar skills. Never be afraid to try something new. Finger-picking, Learning how to read guitar TABS, Blues notes picking, Power chords the list goes on and on.

Advance technique learning how to fingerpick and read tabs: image by

STEP 7: Maintain the Passion
As 3 years before, I am still as enthusiastic as I am today because playing guitar and being able to sing along is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Stay Motivated.

The guitar I am currently using is the Peavey Composer Parlor Acoustic Guitar in the color SUNBURST. 

Alright guys, hope that was helpful, signing off with a *strum*

Disclaimer: I do not own some of the images or GIF here.

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