Pusheen: Large Pusheen Plush Toy and "I am Pusheen the Cat" Book


" If I were tiny, I would sleep on a marshmallow."-Pusheen

"Home is where my butt is."-Pusheen 

Now we all know who is pusheen. That sticker of the cutey fat cat you seen your friends using or even used it so often yourself (i know i do). Lets take a look at what i have for you today and that will be a LARGE pusheen plush toy (original from GUND) and also The famous "I am Pusheen the Cat" Book. 

The Large Pusheen Plush Toy

3 months ago my BF helped me placed an order through heychickadee.com. The kitty itself was $49.99, the shipping fee was the thing that make my heart skipped a beat, which is listed below: 

There are 2 shipping rates available for 96000, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • USPS Priority Mail International at $55.32 USD
  • USPS Priority Mail Express International at $71.13 USD
FYI, heychickadee.com mail to almost every country in the world, the link is here

So the shipping fees costs more than the plush itself, but still i had to give it a go, because ya, PUSHEEN FANATIC!!!
I placed my order through USPS Priority Mail International and waited patiently for 1 MONTH for my pusheen to arrive from Chicago. 1 FREAKING MONTH!!! The waiting was of agony but when i finally received it, i was overwhelmed with joy because I saw that little tabby with my own eyes!!! Overall i spent about RM350 (maybe more because of the currency) on this kitty

Now for the review

1. Material: Very high quality fabric, Super soft yet not to the extend it loses it shape overtime after hugging it every night for 3 months. Does not lose it fur over time or tear easily unlike cheap plushies. Comfortable to hug on any occasions. 

2. Design: About 37cm long, 26cm tall, and 15cm wide (may varies a little), colour grey, have cute little whiskers, fluffy tail and cute studs for the legs, all very well made to bring out pusheen's characteristics. Still better than the cheaper (and distorted) version of pusheen which you can find in Malaysia very easilty for just RM30++.


YES, if you are a super pusheen fan, has ample of extra allowance/money to spend, or just want to make your girlfriend/sister very very happy. TIPS: I will ordered more products from the website just because of the expensive shipping fees i have to pay regardless how many plushies i ordered. There might be some increment of $4-$5 on shipping fees but its better than to order more (if you have money to spare) because you are already paying a tons for shipping fees!!!

NO, if you don't have much money to spend on Valentine's Day or you aren't in urgent need of a super cute comfortable toy to hug at night. Or maybe you just don't like pusheen like normal people do. TIPS: Like any good toys, there is always a "pirated" version. You can definitely get the cheaper version on local Malaysian websites like Lazada or Rakuten if you want a pusheen but is not willing to pay the price. 

FOR ME, I really do love my pusheen toy, i think its one of the best plushies I ever own, and totally worth the money (quality is really good, intricate designs to bring out the best in pusheen) 

I am Pusheen the Cat Book by Claire Belton

1 week ago I ordered a batch of 3 books from mphonline.com.my and one of the books i had to get was the Pusheen book!!! You can get this on heychickadee.com but with a hefty shipping fee (so NAY!!), i got this off mphonline for about RM42 after a 20% discount off my first purchase. Link here

"Funny, weird, and lovably adorable."-Matthew Inman, founder of The Oatmeal

My review:

The cover is somewhat captivating for a pusheen fan like me, Soft covered, good quality paper and full coloured till the end. Size about your average notebook, good to carry around or as a decent gift. Total 192 pages. Images are easy to understand, witty and fun to read. I could finish the whole book in 10 minutes or less. Neverthelessly, I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Part 1: I am Pusheen the cat
Part 2: Things you should know about cats
Part 3: How to Live
Part 4: Stormy
Part 5: A Year in the life of Pusheen 


YES, if you are an avid pusheen fan and also likes to read. This book is good for collection or as a gift to someone who loves pusheen. Also a good intro to how cats work and act.

NO, if you think 10 minutes of reading time isn't worth of rm42, thats the downside. But in case you really don't want to purchase it but still curious of what is inside, there is always a free ebook on Scribd. The link is here

FOR ME, I think it is worth as a collection to my geeky library of comic books!!! 

Extra Items you can get on mphonline.com.my is this Pusheen Calender for RM31.90. Link here.

My favourite character in pusheen will always be PUSHEENOSAURUS, which is my Steam Account name (the gaming store where Dota 2 at)

Ok guys, thats all from me, signing off with lots of love!!!
Will be reviewing Batman and Avengers related books after this, be sure to check them out!!!

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