The Oatmeal: How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You


"Matt is the first native stand-up comic of the Internet. This book, and all his work, shows just how perfectly he nailsthe pulse of Web dwellers like me. While this book is printed on paper, it oozes what's great about the weird, quirky, but genuine awesomeness of the Web- and Matt Inman."-Ben Huh, CEO of

"If you too suffer from constant kitty 'love mauls', then this book is for you! It also makes for a handy shield in a pinch."-Veronica Belmont, host of Tekzilla and Game On!

"The man behind the crude draings and crass jokers is 28 year old Matthew Inman. In 2009, Inman put his hand to the page, and the world hasn't stopped laughing since."-Nick Carbone, Time.

Good day, guys, its friday today so TGIF and I am going to write a review on this particular book here about cats that I got from here. The original price was RM54.95 but after a 20% newbie discount I manage to get it for RM43.96. I am going to share with you my thought on this book today, lets get started!

About this book;

How to Tell If your Car is Plotting to Kill You is a hilarious, brillant offering of cat comics, facts, and instructional guides from the creative wonderland at (Thats what written on the back of the book). This book was published in 2012. 

About the Author: In case you are not familiar with TheOatmeal, he is the one who wrote and draw all the contents in this book and of his webpage, Matthew Inman. 

Mathew Inman. Via

Overall Presentation: This book is of softcover and has around 130 pages more or less. Its full coloured and the paper they used in this book is fairly thick and of good quality. There is even a pull-out poster that comes with every book.

Graphics: Matthew Inman has a special way of drawing his comics, while it is not exceptional beautiful, it is very exceptionally FUNNY and Entertaining!!! 


So it has been divided into several chapters as following:

  • 6ways to tell if your cat thinks it's a mountain lion
  • How you see your cat and how your cat sees you
  • How to pet a kitty
  • Gift ideas
  • High Speeds
  • How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you
  • The Bobcats on Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Homeless man
  • Direction of the ears
  • Things cats love
  • Walking the dog VS walking the cat
  • Proximity to a tuna sandwich
  • Cat vs Internet
  • The 3 ways of dealing with cat litter
  • Imperial Walker
  • How to tell if your cat is a raging homosexual
  • How kittens are plotting to take over the world
  • If we treat our cats like they treat us
  • Having a baby VS having a cat
As you can see here, its a LONG list of contents and pages of fun. Personally I like this book very much as the contents are written in Simple English Language, not those very empowering vocabulary, and easy to understand the joke the author is trying to make. The comics are all funny and very very entertaining and it makes you understand your cats even better by the time you finish reading it (or you might be paranoid about cats as well).

Here are some sample pages about the contents:

My Rating: (4/5) for the quirkiness!!
Overall, I really love this book from TheOatmeal and I definitely would consider purchasing his other books. And I can't get enough of his website!!!Also check out his onlineshop for more Oatmeal goodies. 
Here are some of his other works.

 Thats all from me today!!! signing off with love!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own some of the images in this post. 

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