Audio Technica ATH-WS55X Solid Bass Portable Headphone Review


Hey guys, today I am going to review this audio technica ATH-WS55X Solid Bass Headphone I bought online at Jaben Malaysia few weeks ago. Link of purchase is right here. Jaben has really good customer service as they update me by SMS and Email about my purchase. Alright, let's get started!


Comes in two colour selections.
The packaging. Big SOLID BASS on the box.

"The ATH-WS55X boast the perfect combination of sound and style. From the popular Solid Bass series, these Audio-Technica masterpieces are specially designed for those who frequently listens to rock, techno and hip-hop music. This bass monster will make your body tingle and your heart beat to the rhythm of the music."

Newly developed Extra Chamber increases overall system damping for maximum bass expansion.
• Exclusive large 53mm drivers in ATH-WS55X deliver massive bass sound
• New headband design for greater comfort and better acoustic seal for accurate delivery of bass
• Smooth, easily adjustable stainless steel headband slider ensures a comfortable fit
• 1.2m Y-type cable and L-shaped stereo mini plug for portable devices

So overall, this headphone is more of a music headphone for audiophile and claimed to have the massive bass sound.


WEIGHT: Since this is a portable headphone, it is approximately 195g, which is pretty light on the head. (normal headphones are about 300 grams)

COMFORT: Comfortable fit. Soft synthetic leather padding sits comfortably on your ears. Large earpads seal are comfortable without extreme clamping force. Headband is cushioned. Great for long hours listening,

ADJUSTMENT: Smooth adjustable slider on headband for a comfortable fit.

CABLES: Cables are quite sturdy and durable. L shaped mini plug. 

SOUND: Since this is made for audiophiles, its definitely a bassy headphone. For the price of $100 (RM400), it is consider a stunning over-ear headphones. The sounds are impressive and you can definitely feel the rich punchy bass. The bass itself is not aggressively boomy like some other headphones out there, its doesn't have that annoying muffles either. However, it does lack of sound clarity for some of the songs I tried. Overall, they are well balanced with warm rich bass and striking high.

NOISE ISOLATION: Good noise isolation. When the music starts roaring away, I am not aware of my surroundings or even hear myself talking.

DESIGN: Two colours available, red black and pure black. Overall, it doesn't look very appealing. I got the pure black one because it looks better and more polished. It does look a bit plasticky but still well built and sturdy.

PORTABILITY: The headphones can be fold flat on one side but it cannot be fold into the headbands.

PART 3: Compare with the high-end BOSE Quiet Comfort 25 Noise Cancelling headphones.

So I made a comparison with a BOSE noise cancelling headphones I lend. It is quite surprising that the sound quality is almost the same or CAN BE EVEN BETTER than the BOSE headphone without the noise-cancelling property. Of course, BOSE does have a softer ear pads, more comfortable wear, comes with a mic, and better noise isolation. BOSE can be folded to fit inside a smaller carrying case. However, the price for BOSE is around $350 (RM 1500 or so). Excluding the noise cancelling property, ATH WS55X would be a good deal for its price and you still get a very good quality headphone. 



  • Impressive sound with tight punchy bass
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for long wearing time
  • Portable
  • Sturdy and Solid Feel, doesn't snap easily


  • Aesthetic wise not very appealing, simple design, looks plain.
  • No microphone
Conclusion, I do love this headphone very much.
That's all from me bros, signing off with love. 

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