Color My Life: 3 Adult Coloring Apps On My Ipad


"Colour is as strong as the impression it creates."-Ivan Albright

"Colours speaks all language."-Joseph Addison

"Colours are brighter when the mind is open."-Adriana Alarcon

Colouring can be a relaxing past time. Just filling in the myriads of  beautiful colours calms and soothes the mind. Here are 3 colouring apps on my Ipad. By adult means the patterns you are about to fill in are more abstract and complicated. Its fun and simple that you just need to tap on the columns and I hope you can try them out.

#1. Colorfy

Have free categories like Floral, Animals, Famous (think Van Gogh Starry Night), Mandalas and Oriental. Good choice of colours but most of the beautiful colours require in-app purchase. Easy to color, sensitive tapping, which is what I like about this app.

#2. ColorMe

Free Categories include Floral 1, Floral 2, Animal and Symbols, which is consider few. Great colour choices but not very sensitive to tapping (the downside).

#3. Colorfly

I like this app cause it had a separate album where all your artwork are shown, less hassle to search back your work. Free categories include animal kingdom, mandala world, Zen spirit, Pixel art. The selection of colors are ample, tapping is sensitive, can be zoomed.

I hope you enjoy colouring on your ipad. Unleash your inner creativity.
Signing off with love.

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