Color My Life: 3 Drawing Apps I Used On My Ipad


Hey guys, you know those times when you don't have any paper or pen on hand and all you have is your handy dandy ipad. Today, I go going to share with you some drawing apps I used on my ipad, The images here are those I drawn with my mere fingers and that is why I am judging the app based on that. The apps here are to my liking, but it may or may not work out for you, but I do recommend you give it a try!! Just a note here, that I got all these apps for FREE.

#1. Forge

Forge offer the artist smooth streak and beautiful airbrush and paint, so everything is blend in all so smoothly. You can literally draw a galaxy like I did here. It has a wide selection of colours and shade, but only about 5 types of drawing tools. Nevertheless, I like it because the colours blend so well and I have quite a good control with my fingers.

#2. Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro has a wide selection of brushes. You can choose to go for a wet brush (coloring brush) or a dry brush (blending brush). And Sub category of the brush contain oil paint style, airbrush, basic shapes, graphite pencils and wax crayon. The good thing about this drawing app is beside the wide selection of colours, it does offer a very very wide selection of brush style, such as round brush, fan brush, palette knife, clumped brush. old brush brush, old flat brush and so on. The colours blend beautifully and you can change the stroke pressure you like, and some settings on stylus such as stylus dry brush and opacity. In my opinion, its a little big complicated to use and the colour fade with strokes like what you see here my "Inspire Pro" wording down the picture. I definitely have some difficulty managing my brushes when I tried to draw the eyelashes but I am very happy with how well the colours and texture blend up in the iris.

By Inspire Pro. I speed drew this so I can post it on my blog on time. Sorry for the messiness.

#3, Pen & Ink

Pen and Ink doesn't offer much selection of brushes thou, but it is very user friendly, in my opinion easier to use than Inspire Pro, For each brush, there is a good selection of colours, thickness and opacity. There are only 6 tools available, but is ample enough to give you a nice drawing of Anger from Inside Out. 

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Thats all from me bros, signing off with love.

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