Marvel: Who is Antman?


"Scott Lang: My days of breaking into places and stealing shit are over!. What do you need me to do?
Hank Pym: I want you to break into a place and steal some shit.

Scott Lang: ......makes sense." -Antman Movie 2015

"This is not some cute tech like the Iron-Man suit."-Hank Pym, Antman Movie 2015

We all seen the latest hit in the cinema, the Ant-Man Movie!!! Before this I have known Antman for quite sometimes and how glad am I when I heard he was finally getting his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I seen the movie but I wont talk too much spoilers here. Today I am going to give you a proper character intro to the astonishing Antman!!!
Antman first appear in Tales to Astonish #27 on January 1962 and was created by Stan lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. There are 4 Antmans in total, with the first one being Hank Pym, then the role was took on by Scott Lang, Chris McCarthy and Eric O' Grady. 
About Dr, Henry Hank Pym, the first Antman:

  1. He was a brilliant scientist who invented the Pym Particles which allowed him to change sizes if used together with his suite and helmet, which include being SMALL and being BIG, thus besides being the Ant-Man, he was also known as the Giant-Man.
  2. Much difference to the movie, Hank Pym was actually the Yellowjacket, another alias of his after he gave his suit to Scott Lang, as he thinks that Scott was more suitable on taking the role of Antman.
  3. He was a founding member of the Avengers, together with his girlfriend and wife, the Wasp. The later retired from the Avengers.
  4. Not long after Hank Pym became the first Ant-Man, Janet van Dyne joined him as the Wasp, seeking to avenge her father's death. The Wasp has a troubled relationship with Hank ever since they first met. They eventually get married but Hank's mental problesm led to their divorce. 
Ant-man has many aliases.

Hank and Janet in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros Cartoon series.
Hank Pym as YellowJacket in Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heros

About Scott Edward Harris Lang, the second Antman:
  1. He was an expert electronics technician but resort to do burglary to support the family. He was imprisoned for sometimes.
  2. He was employed as a security in Stark Industries before his daughter fell sick. Out of desperation, he stole the costume from its creator Hank Pym to try to save his daughter, Cassie's life, by trying to rob the bank to pay for her medical bills. 
  3. He often used a flying ant for transport as depicted in the movie. ANTHONY!!!
  4. He joined the Avengers and was a vital member until tragedy struck and he was killed by an exploding Jack of Hearts during the Scarlet Witch's Breakdown and attack on her teammates. 
The Ant man suit as depicted in the movie.

Flying ant.
Scott Lang in Avengers Assemble Cartoon

Scott Lang potrayed by Paul Rudd
Micheal Douglas as Hank Pym

Despite being an Avengers and all, Ant-Man doesn't garner as much fans like his fellow Avengers. One source reveal that, the series of Ant-man comics was at its downfall despite staying until the early 2000. Marvel Cinematic Universe have done a great job to reintroduce Ant-man to the world. Marvel (and some other fans) did launch a few posters on how mini the superhero would be compared to his Avengers teammates. I couldn't tell which movie poster is of fan-art, but they look good anyway. 

The movie was all very endearing, funny and pack with actions. Thou there might be some differences from that in the comic (refer part 1), I do like how the director brings out the story of Scott Lang. In short, it was so much better than I had expected and I dare say it is a good start. I definitely can't wait for Ant-man to join forces with the Avengers and do some big-time on the silver screen!!! DO CHECK OUT THE MOVIE!!!
Do check out these cute Funko POP! of Antman Movie as well.

That's all from me bros, signing off with *you can't see me cause i'd shrink*

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