Movie Geeks: 一路有你 <<<The Journey>>>


Actually, I had written this decades ago, but I did not own a blog then. So I am reposting it here to share this wonderful local film with you guys. Its made in Malaysia and featured some of the best travelling spot of my country. 

一路有你 <<<The Journey>>>

It was definitely one of the best local movie in Malaysia that I have ever watched. The theme spung around chinese tradition, old friendships, family love and interracial marriage. Gotta admit the Mat Salleh was very handsome and polite. The setting of the movie are around the beautiful locations in Malaysia, Penang, Sabah, Cameron Highlands etc. Impressive film making indeed. 

Now the best thing about a good movie is one that not only touches your heart (and makes you cry) but also make you think deeper, in other words, a good movie lingers in your heart. Thats what exactly this movie is, i bet ill never forget it (or else i wont be writing a review on it).

Enough of expressions, lets go to the main point. How this movie influence me and why i said it affects me a lot. SUMMARY: The movie is literally about a cameron highland girl whose father sent her off to England for studies. She met a British guy and then brought him back to the highlands for her father's blessings of her marriage. And from there the adventure starts off wonderfully! Her father was a very traditional chinese man, he insists of sending invitation cards in a very old fashion way, door-to-door to be exact. Along with his Mat Salleh future son-in-law, both of them travel throughout Malaysia just to hand in those precious and sincere invitation cards. Enough spoiler for now..

The movie undoubtedly both a laugh and tear jerker. The Mat Salleh named Benji (sorry i dont know his real name) did a great job. This movie made me rethink a lot of stuff about life.

Firstly, family love. It portrays the love of a father towards her daughter and vice versa. Seriously, it so emotionally-moving that it made me rethink how my family is always there for me and how supportive are them towards me.

Next is lasting friendship. This movie actually prompt me to imagine my own life 50 years ahead, i would be an old woman that time. It reminded me of how old classmates & old friends would be like when we are in our golden ages. Maybe that time, some of us (including myself) wouldn't be here anymore (They say "pancit" in the movie). I began to miss my friends (new and old) a hell lot, and also learn to appreciate them even more. 

Then again it is about the Chinese tradition. As i mention the Mat Salleh in this movie initially find chinese tradition old fashioned, unsophisticated, outdated, and also troublesome. But after all the adventure he had with his father in law, and also his love for his chinese fiancee, his quote at the end of the movie was "Now i understand chinese, it wasn't just all tradition, its showing love and care towards family" (i din remember the real quote, but its something like this). Pretty neat huh? I am proud to be a Chinese. XD

Last but not least, the couple love. A foreigner willing to compromise and go through a lot of changes for his beloved one? That is just so sweet.

Ok guys, i reached the end of my review. Overall, i recommend watching this movie because i really like it, hope you guys like it too!!

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Hope you guys can check this film out. Signing off with love.

Check out my ukukele chords for the song "The Better Half" here. It is such a sweet song!!

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