RoomTalk: Signs that You Got the Right Roommate(s)


"Roommates, you will be angry at them because they sucks at cleaning dishes, but they will be there to wipe your tears or to hold your hair back on a crazy night."

"I have the best roommates in the world. It creates a fun sense of family... And that's really important to me. Things can get so lonely without it..."-Kristen Bell

We all gone through college, and sometimes we have to live with someone else. We might not always end up with the right people, but when the right roommates come along, this is how we identify them and give them the "Best Roommate (s)." badge of honour. 

#1. They Bring You Food (and put up with you when you are unable to decide on something)

Because people who bring you food is the best kinda people. 

#2. They Respect Your Privacy

They know when to be polite (and when to have fun with you) 

#3. They Listen to What You Have to Say

All those heartbreaking stories, all those complaints about other roomates, all those stuffs that they don't really understand but still listens anyway....

#4. They have an Open Mind

When you get naked after a shower, they pretend they didn't see anything because probably they have seen it a gazillion times.

#5. They are the first one you go to when you have troubles

They sense that you are troubled by something at first sight when you walk in the room.

#6. They are with you during your ups and downs.

When you are a smart-ass or a total douche bag, they stand up to you all the time. 

#7. They tolerate your weird behaviours

You like to eat hamburgers layer by layer, you like to rub your butt, you bang your head on the table for no reason, and mostly you laugh without reasons... But the good news is they don't mind it all!!

#8. You guys hang out together often

Even its by force...

#9. And do stupid things together.

Because we are just a bunch of idiots being happy together.

#10. They are very considerate

You can tell them what you dislike about them. They will say you are an asshole and still change for the better for you. Then after 10 minutes, you will be best buddies again.

#11. You guys do not mind sharing things. 

You guys share food, share homework, share drinks from the same cup, and probably share your underclothes...

#12. And will always cook together

and still ingest it together despite it taste awful...

#13. They take good care of you when you are sick

They become your best doctors/nurses when you need it the most...or they just forced you to go see a doctor...

#14. They are willing to borrow you money when you are broke.

Hey, I need some... 
*give money* before even finishing sentence...

#15. They automatically do housechores

They swept the floor, cleaned the windows, and even wash your clothes for you..

#16. They make you a better person

sometimes, crazier...

#17. And you know you are going to miss them a lot after you go your separate ways.

#18. Because they are like your second family. 

#19. And you know they will always be there for you. <3

That's all from me today. Signing of with love.

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