Kracie Popin Cookin TASTE TEST: Set 5 Burger Mix Set


1. YELLOW PACK: Potato fries mix

Taste: smells and taste like potato, very good and not too salty

2. BROWN PACK: Burger patty 

Taste: Smell like canned beef in gravy, weird smell

3. ORANGE PACK: Burger bun mix

Taste: smell and taste like flour

4. BLUE PACK: Cheese

Taste: smell like real cheese, taste savoury and cheesy

5. RED PACK: Sauce

Taste: taste like tomato, strangely sweet

6. PINK PACK: Fizzy drink

Taste: Nice dupe of coke, not too sweet, taste good


Taste: (9/10) This set is really good and worth it. Everything is edible and yummy. My favourite are the fries, they do taste like the real thing. The burger also have the meaty flavour, bread bun are not too hard. This is a yummy set!! 

Difficulty level: Medium 

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