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Hi guys,it has been a while since I update my dusty little blog. Beside getting busy with dental clinics and practicals, I have also made tons of online purchases over the month, I feel really guilty about it but still its those items that I have wanted for SO LONG!! This is not a real review yet, I will post another UNBOXING WITH ME blog post soon when I get back to my hometown. Note: I did not show all the purchase link because I haven't received some of them/ some of them is out of stock after I purchase it. Will make sure its trust-worthy before I recommend them to anyone in Malaysia!! Feel free to scroll around these website thou.


I love funko fingurines so so so much!! I have some Avengers: Age of Ultron Funko figurines at home: Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Capt America and also dancing groot!! Since they are quite costly and hard to find in normal retail store, I sought after them online, making sure its within Malaysia to save up on the shipping fees. For each funko I got online, the price range from RM65 to RM110 depending on rarity and availability, of course the cheaper the better. Hope my future reviews can be useful for Funko Enthusiast in Malaysia.

1Funko POP Groot Guardians of The Galaxy Marvel Vinyl Figure- from Rakuten (GameHypermart) Link Here. Alternative Lazada Link Here.

2. Funko POP Adventure Time: Lumpy Princess (from Lazada- mightyutan)

3. Funko POP Adventure Time: BMO (from NewYork Mania) Link Here.

4. Funko POP Adventure Time: Gunter (from Lazada-mightyutan) Link here.

5. Funko Pop Star Wars BB8 (from Link here. Alternative Lazada Link here.

6. Funko POP Star Wars: R2-D2 Bobble Figure (from Link here.




10. Funko 3052 Pop Marvel Deadpool Bobble Figure (from lazada-pongdangmall) Link Here.

11. Funko POP! Disney Inside Out-Joy. (From Link Here.

12. Funko POP! STAR WARS Episode VII: The Force Awakens- Captain Phasma. (From Link Here

13. Funko POP! STAR WARS Episode VII: The Force Awakens- Kylo Ren. (From Link Here

14. Funko POP! STAR WARS- Darth Maul (From Link Here

15. Funko POP! STAR WARS- Stormtrooper (From Link Here

PART 2: Books from

I am very skeptical when it comes to buying books online. I checked reviews and comments on the internet before making my purchase. Plus, its cybermonday today and every single stuffs I purchase have a discount to it, thanks!! I put links on the title for each items below because I have ordered from them before and they really did a good job sending my Batman and Pusheen books.

This book have really good reviews on the internet and its from PewDiePie, the most subscribed guy on youtube history.  Can't wait to read it. I bought this at 30% off from mphonline. 

Note: there are two links of the same book from mphonline. One is from Razorbill Publisher, another is from Penguin. I am not sure what's the difference, but razorbill is the subcompany of Penguin ( According to the internet). So feel free too choose either one, the difference between them after discount is RM10. Link here

This book have been best-sellers for ages. I wonder how good it can be. Since there is 30% off, I have to get my hands on it. I followed Lang Leav on FB and I always love her poems and quotes. 

I know this is not a book, but for a dental student, its really really adorable and plus I got this at a discounted price!!

I got this at 60% off!! and this book have such good reviews and ratings on the internet!! You guys know I am a baking enthusiast and sometimes when I am too lazy to bake, microwave mug cakes really helps to satisfy my cravings for cakes. 100 recipes is so worth the price. 

PART 3: Art Supplies

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils 72 Colored Pencils  

My Faber-Castell is running out short, and I am ready to take my color pencils art to the next level. I come across this brand prismacolour soft core color pencils and this has been rated the BEST COLOR PENCILS ever all over the internet and lotsa artists on instagram have been using this to make realistic artworks. Its expensive but I am willing to give it a try after my mum is willing to "sponsor" me and also she saw tremendous improvements in my art. Check out my artworks on Instagram (battle_meow). I got the 72 colours one and I can't wait to try it out. The shipping process takes about 1 month because its shipped from overseas. Link here

By the time I am writing this blog spot, I have already received some of my online purchases. It was sent to my hometown instead to my mum so I haven't had any physical contact with them yet. But I am sure excited to go back home, unbox and review them for you guys!! These pictures were sent to me by my mum.

I can't review them now as I am not in my hometown. Perhaps I can only review them by February 2016, the figures are piling up!! I got a lot of Star wars funko pops because of the new episode 7, and also to reminiscent how much I love that movie series! I must say is my favourite go-to place for FUNKO POP! figurines nowadays. They have really affordable price, good customer service and also fast postage. The only downside is it only accept bank transfer methods, no credit cards. Nevertheless, I think this online shop is growing fast!! Update: sucks!! I ordered a classic stormtrooper and they sent me an episode 7 new stormtrooper, which looks totally different despite the similarities of name. I emailed them to ask for an explanation and got ignored. Trying to fool a star wars fan with different versions of stormtrooper is a bad idea. I also ordered a darth maul from them and my box came in CROOKED and CRUSHED. DAMN!! 

Also I think my Deadpool, BMO and BB-8 are a bit over-price. Standard price should be RM65-85, not beyond that. But still I was too naive that time thinking that BB-8 would be hard to find. In the end it was popping out of everywhere with the lowest price being RM58++!! Dang, those were some money wasted!!

I hate buying from I think its overpriced and also my Beemo came in with a torn and crooked box. I really not recommend buying any funkos here, especially from a shop called NewYork Mania.

MPHonline sent me a totally different Flipper, luckily it was cuter than the one i originally ordered or else MPH would have some explanation to do. =.= They do treat their customers very nicely by offering me a very nice calender!!

Perhaps there are much more Funko POP! figurines fanatics in Malaysia that I didn't know about. If there is any of you watching my blog who collects or love funko pops do leave me a message so we can share our hobbies and passions for these figures!!

Signing off with love, have a great week!! 

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  1. y future reviews can be useful for Funko Enthusiast in Malaysia. 1. Funko POP ...

  2. is the price for common pops RM65 in Malaysia?

    1. yes. from my experience.. no one go lower than RM60... I believe rm60-70 is the best price.. more than that its overpriced

  3. I know how you feel when they ship a broken Funko Pop box. Wanna know which shop (physical or online) do you frequent now?

  4. Cars' is simply near and dear to my heart. Funko POP


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