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You guys know I am a sucker for Funko POP! figurines and last month I came across this online shop call It seemed pretty legit with tons of products from different movies and cartoons, branches all over the world, and have 5 million followers on Facebook. They have these ONLINE ONLY promotion which is 25% OFF Funko Figurines and 50% OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. I was instantly hooked and went nuts on browsing all those Funko Figurines they have. Usually when I order with website like these (such as, shipping fees are those that really emptied my wallet rather than the items itself. Standard shipment to Malaysia from the U.S is almost $57 or more, which means its RM200++. So when this website offered to give 50% off shipping fees, I thought I was in for a really good deal.

So I was browsing all those catalogs they have and have decide on a few funkos I wanted so badly. Among them are the brand new Gudetama Funko, BMO Noire, Chrome Darth Vader, Nerd Ariel, Marceline, most of them are HOT TOPICS, in other words, very rare. I did not hesitate to grab my chance and I placed my orders. 

So here is what I got:

1. Funko Star Wars POP! Chrome Darth Vader Vinyl (bobble-head) HOT TOPIC EXCLUSIVE

2. The Little Mermaid- HIPSTER ARIEL POP! Vinyl Figure

3. Gudetama with Bacon Vinyl Figure- Hot topic Exclusive Pre-Release

4. Gudetama Shell Vinyl Figure- Hot topic Exclusive Pre-Release

5. Adventure Time POP! Television BMO Noire Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive

6. Adventure Time POP! Marceline Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive Pre-release

7. Batman Arkham Asylum POP! Batman (Distressed) Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive

8. Batman DC Super Heroes Vinyl Figure

I ordered on 4/12/2015 and my stuffs arrived at my hometown at 18/12/15, which in between is two weeks for the international shipping. I must say, despite the massive bad reviews about this online shop, my items came in perfectly!! But in between I have some problems eg. Hottopic send me an email telling me my ordered was cencelled and my bank transcation did not go through, then after the order was confirmed USPS (US postal service) send an email telling me my item was on the hold in Nashville. So I had to sent several emails to Hottopic Customer Service to enquire about my orders. But nevertheless, I kept track of every single step on the postal and eventually the glorious package of figures arrived!! I was so excited when my mum help me to unbox it just to check whether everything is in perfect condition. I do saw one review on youtube stating that the Chrome Darth Vader have a detached cloak, luckily mine was still attached. My favourite has to be Gudetama Bacon because its so so cute and probably I am the very few Funko Fanatics in Malaysia who own this beforehand? Just bluffing LOL. Anyway, this buy was so worth it as I end up paying about RM50 for 8 figures including the postage fees (25% off each figurines and plus another 50% off inernational shipping fees). Will be looking forward for such deals in the future!! 

Thanks From a satisfied international customer.

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  1. I wanted to buy some merch at Hot Topic. Since I live in Malaysia too, I wanted some help regarding the international address (how can I get one, since hot topic doesn't ship to p.o boxes. And how do you pay? I appreciate if you can answer my inquiries and please let me know if you have any advices. I am in my first attempt to do online shopping. :)

    1. Hello sheira dear, actually for the address I just post my normal office address (home address works as well) with the addition of the postcode (eg. for my place sibu sarawak is 96000), the postcode is very important because diff places in the world have diff postcode...and make sure you state it very clearly... <> <> <> << state eg Sarawak>> <>.. I just insert those and it works well !!
      for payment i use credit card for HOTTOPIC... but if you check out my other post from POPCULTCHA, it require paypal only...I hope it helps!!

    2. normal address, postcode, city/town, state (sarawak for example), Malaysia


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