(UPDATED on 8/4/2016) POPCULTCHA.com ONLINE FUNKO POP! Haul and International Shipping


Lately, I have been on a hunt for Funko Pop figurines AGAIN, I think its kinda like an addiction, so i was searching online for a cheaper alternative than hottopic.com. And I came across this Australia-based online shop that sells varieties of FUNKO POP! figures!! You can choose the currency that you prefer on top of the screen, eg AUS, USD etc. 

Let me show you guys what treasures I got my hands on.

1. Adventure Time-BMO METALLIC POP! Vinyl Figure 

I have the Noire BMO and the original BMO, I had to get the metallic one!!

Review: Nice pop to own if you like BMO!!

2. Adventure Time-Marceline POP! Vinyl Figure

Marceline is my all time favourite Adventure Time Character, maybe because she play the bass and I love to play guitar.

Review: This pop is HEAVY...worth the money!!

3. Batman- The Dark Knight-The Joker POP! Vinyl Figure

I haven't had any Joker in my collection, but this is a must have for me!!

4. Doctor Who-Dalek POP! Vinyl Figure

Lately I am hooked to Doctor Who, and my favourite villian is the Dalek and Weeping Angel. I wanted to get the TARDIS intially but the just felt that its not worth the price. 

Review: Not a bad pop..quite special if compared to other typical pop.. feel plasticky thou..

5. Green Lantern- White Lantern Batman POP! Vinyl Figure

I saw this retailing for RM270 on lazada. =.=

Review: You guys have to get this if you like batman... This pop is just awesome!!

6. Guardians of the Galaxy- Angry Groot POP! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure

I love Groot and this is a variant I couldn't missed out.

Review: Nice details. Worth the money!!

7. Invader Zim-Gir with Cupcake POP! Vinyl Figure

Gir is so adorable with the cupcake. Too bad I couldn't find the original one on the website.

Review: If you like this cartoon, you HAVE to get this pop...its one of the cutest pop I owned...its head is bigger than ordinary pop..

8. Iron Man Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure

I have always wanted this version of Ironman. It look so sweet and vintage.

review: Bad paint job...i am quite dissapointed...looks very cheap too...=.=

9. Adventure Time-JMO POP! Vinyl Figure

I heard this was Target Exculsive. It looks pretty cheap on the picture but its JMO, I'll give this a try.

review: Well guys...erm...I dont quite like this pop as much because it just look cheap ok? Just get the original BMO..

10. Star Wars- Obi-Wan Kenobi Vault Edition POP! Vinyl Figure

I have been searching for Obi-wan kenobi for so so so long and have no luck finding it in my local online store. I am so happy this website have this and I hope it will be delivered safely and is in stock.

11. Star Wars- Spirit Yoda Glow in the Dark POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure.

I avoided getting the normal yoda cause I do not like how it looks. This one is just special. 

review: It really glows in the dark!! TRIED AND TESTED by yours truly!!

12. Spiderman- Spider man POP! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure

Last but not least, the classic spiderman!! 

Review: I have to say this dont look as good as in the pictures....=.=

There you go guys, I just ordered them tonight (20-12-2015) and I hope they will be arriving shortly after a few weeks, hopefully not a few months. So each of this retails for AUS 17.26, which is about RM56. The shipping fee was AUS 44 to Malaysia. So in a total, I got each of these for RM68 including shipping fees and original price. Its actually the same price as you would get in normal stores in Malaysia, just more exclusive and rare!! (Online store in Msia probably have much shorter shipping time) I am really happy that I found this store, but still, as long as the items have not arrived yet, I wouldn't judge. Something to note is, this website require PAYPAL as a method of paying, so make sure you have one beforehand. (really thanks to Daniel for helping me with the purchase <3). Overall, I do find this website cheaper than hottopic.com and have so much more variety!! The international shipping fees, if not discounted, is around RM 200++ for hot topics, popcultcha ones is around RM 140++.

Have a good day ahead!!

UPDATES: Hey guys, today is 8/4/2016, finally I have time to update my blog... I am sho busy in dental clinics that I really didn't have time to update..my blog is sho dusty now...another factor is I have been concentrating on building up my instagram (its art based, if you were wondering)...sorry about that guys...anyway I gotten a message from one of my readers asking me how was my purchase from this website..and this is what i am gona write about..keep reading dears... I also made a second batch orders on January 2016..so yeah, will post what I bought down below...


1. Adventure Time-Finn POP! Vinyl Figure

2. Adventure Time-Jake POP! Vinyl Figure

3. Adventure Time-Flame Princess POP! Vinyl Figure

4. Adventure Time-Ice King POP! Vinyl Figure

5. Bravest Warrior- Commander Catbug

I wanted the normal catbug but it was outta stock that time, so I got this one instead...erm I still recommend you guys get the original one because this one doesnt look that good in real life..good for collection thou if you like bravest warriors...

6. Bravest Warrior- Bugcat

7. Batman Retro 1950 

8. Batman Arkham Asylum Blue and Grey Suit

9. Batman the new 52

10. Batman Blackest Night Batman

11. Batman 75th Anniversary Batman Blue Rainbow POP!

There are 7 colors to choose from, guys!!

12. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Knightmare Desert Batman

13.  Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman POP!

I actually discover that KLIA2 toyrus start selling funko pops and one of them was a set of metallic batman vs superman, two pops in one box...you guys can check them out. But do note that the one I bought is none metallic...the metallic one only come in the duo set.

Second batch mostly were priced at AUS 18.99 (not sure why)...but you guys can check the price when you wana  buy.. maybe because Malaysian ringgit are dropping I guess?

MY THOUGHTS: Overall, I have a pleasant experience shopping funkos pop with popcultcha.com. I'll definitely recommend this website to you all!! I have yet to discover new website for geeky stuffs purchases, but this is one of the best I tried so far!!

  • Packaging was in mint condition. They packaged all the funko in thick boxes, each box about 8 funkos (if you happened to buy more than 8, they send in another box), the funko boxes were intact and not dent at all. I am impressed!! Thumbs up for the packaging.
  • Wide range of choice. I definitely recommend this website to those funko lovers out there because this website will spoil you with choices!! In my opinion it has more choices that hottopic.com. 
  • Shipping fees are considerably cheaper than hottopic.com (USA). This is an Australian online company and it based its shipping based on the amount you purchase rather than fixing it like hottopic. So the more you purchase, the more you pay for the shipping. Minimum shipping is AUS 20 i believe, but at least if you aren't planning to buy a lot, its more worth it than hottopic who charged a fixed USD 50 for every international shipping. 
  • Reasonable funko price. Unlike many shop in Malaysia, popcultcha have reasonable price (even with the shipping) with adequate purchase to balance out the shipping fees. with the type of funkos it offers (usually really nice ones), its totally worth the splurge if you are a big fan, rather than spending the same or more money on local Malaysian stores to get crappy boxes and ordinary funko. Some Malaysian sellers even took advantage of consumers and charge them much more than they are suppose too!! Better just go to international website and purchase yourself rather than going through middle man..
  • You'll nee PAYPAL for this website. Its simple actually to set up a permanent paypal account. You just have to pay USD $1, which is RM4 to set up your account and there you go, you can start buying on this website. Paypal is very safe, so no worries guys. For more info, you can read on their policies before setting up your account.
Shipping Address?? For me, I just write my normal address, postcode, state (as in Sarawak), city/town (Sibu) Malaysia. So what I got was a call from the post office asking me to go and claim my stuffs, as they need to inspect what is inside the box. But no worries guys, I got my packages safe and sound and in GREAT CONDITION. 

I hope you guys find it useful. Good night and lots of love from me. Thanks for being patient with me for me to update my dusty little blog. Thanks for stopping by!! Do comment below if you have any question regarding the international purchase.

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  1. hi there,
    found out your review about Popcultha.
    Was wondering to buy from that site.
    May I know did you faced any custom charge for all your pops?

  2. Did you get taxed for your pops? There has been a lot of bad reviews on Popcultcha recently. Came across your blog and was wondering how was your experience with them.


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