Huion New 1060 Plus Tablet Review and Shipping to Malaysia


I ventured into the world of digital drawing and coloring just February this year and I started out using a mouse to color my art work. Then I decided to get an affordable and sturdy drawing tablet. Most professionals will recommend you a Wacom Tablet which I believe is from USA. The price is just a bit over the top. But then light struck when I found Huion, a china brand with an equally good review online, so I decided to get one. The model I got is Huion New 1060 Plus, and I got it from the original website rather than websites like Lazada etc. I believe if you go to lazada, there are some thats a lot cheaper but huion only give warranty to those that is directly purchased from its website.

They shipped from China and I paided US dollar $112.01 for it. And the day after that, they send me an email telling me to pay another US dollar $32 or else the company (fedex) wouldnt ship it to my place because its too "remote"... ROLLING MY EYES...

So after paying for the goddamn extra shipping fees, I ended up paying around RM600 for that tablet. Really hate it when Huion did that. 

Note: you guys did notice there is a Extra Service: Prepaid Custom Tax Service option. I did not paid for that and it was fine. Just saying. 

PART 1: The specs for this tablet according to the website:

Better performance

As it is an updated version of 1060 PLUS, we've re-designed some details for New 1060Plus (narrow bezel, and the added pen carrier), which directly improve the look and touch. And the Updated firmware offers New 1060PLUS better linearity, which makes it behave perfectly in drawing. You will experience a higher level of digital drawing with NEW 1060Plus. 

More portable

With the added pen carrier, you don't need to worry about losing the pen any more. Besides, in order to save your pen from damaging when you take it outside with your bag, we add a pen cap for the pen. Moreover, we present you a carrying bag and a CR-01 glove if you buy it now. You can take the NEW PLUS anywhere anytimewith the carrying bag and speed up your working time with the Anti-fouling glove. 

The same as 1060PLUS, we keep the build-in 8G SD card to help you save your work. But the difference is, we also put the driver inside of the SD card. So you don't need to download the driver or use a cd-rom. Just plug in the tablet, find the driver and install it! New 1060 Plus comes with new multilingual user manual, no more struggle with the language now!


TechnologyElectromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area10" x 6.25"
Resolution5080 LPI(Line Per Inch)
Report Rate233 RPS
Pen Pressure2048 Levels
Reading Height0.4"
Supply VoltageDC 5V
Power Consumption0.35 W
Interface SupportUSB 1.1
OS SupportWin 10/Windows 8/Win7/Mac OS 10.8.0 or above
Net Weight/ piece770g
Gross Weight/piece1.11kg
Out Carton Dimensions460x415x340mm
Quantity per Carton10 pieces
Net Weight/carton11.1kg
USB Cable Length1.5m
Gross Weight/carton12.1kg
Express Keys12
Function Keys16

PART 2: My reviews and thoughts

What's in the box?

A. Graphic tablet

The size is as big as A4 size paper.

It comes with a nice stretchable bag.

The tablet is very sleek. Less than 1 cm thick.

B. Rechageable Pen (with pen cap and charging cable)

C. Pen Stand (with 4 Pen tips inside)

D. Gloves

E. Micro memory card 8 Gb
Unique feature, it actually comes with an 8 gb memory card to store your drawings.

So I just started out practising using this tablet and it turns out pretty decent. I can't judge because I never used a Wacom before, but for me the price is quite good for such a big tablet, I checked over at wacom website a large size like this can cost me RM1200 or more. So Huion is quite a good dupe according to many reviewers online. 

Me testing out the tablet for the first day. It does need some getting used to, at first you may feel your wrist is gona fall off but as times goes by with more practise, its the best thing ever being to draw digitally directly on your tablet!!
Artwork I created using this tablet.
Some of the art work I have created using this tablet.

Overall thoughts:

Honestly I am just a beginner in digital drawing, previously I have done digital coloring using my mouse, and it was such a pain...So getting a tablet was the best thing ever!! I have done sho many research on tablets before deciding to get this one, the 1060 New plus, the reviews were pretty good and its quite a new model. Huion is a good alternative to the more expensive Wacom (usually the brand professionals will recommend). It works very well for me, just plug in and install, I used it with photoshop cc currently but I will definitely try out some other programs in the future. This tablet have all the basics, shortcut keys, good sensitivity, smooth tactile surface and for a beginner I am getting quite used to it. It may be weird at first looking at the screen while moving your hands on the tablet but trust me practise makes perfect. Coloring and drawing digitally has never been this easy!! I am quite displease with huion charging me extras for the "remote area shipping fees" because like it or not I need to pay or else i will be wasting my usd $112 just like that =.=.. I hope those in peninsular  Malaysia wont get this kinda problem in the future.   

Signing off with love. 

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  1. Nice review, I plan to buy it next month
    however I am not sure if it worked on my linux machine
    is there any significant difference between drawing using a mouse and a tablet? :D

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the tablet, I have already ordered mine yesterday :) But I will use it for 3D - Blender & Photoshop texture painting.
    Enjoy your drawing! :)


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