Online Clothes Shopping In Malaysia--- My Experiences!! PART 3: Tips and Tricks


Hey lovelies, welcome to Part 3 of my online clothes shopping series of blogpost. Part 1 and Part 2 I had already review some of the shops I buy from. So here is part 3, the tips and trick for you to buy clothes online. I know a lot of you are very afraid to buy online clothes, because it may not fit and may not flatter your body, and you'll end up wasting your hard earn money. No worries, you are not the only one, buying clothes online is like a gamble because you buy before you know you fit but with the right tactics, you'll able to find the one that suits you best and avoid online frauds. 

Tip #1: Search for reviews and ratings. Check the reputation including Instagram and Facebook.

The first thing I do before I look at the stuffs, is to check the reputation of a particular shop. I'll usually check instagram and facebook for previous customers reviews. I do my homeowork pretty good to make sure the seller is trustable and the clothing they sell is legit and true to the picture. 

Tip #2: Imagine yourself in the clothing

You know those time where you really like a piece of clothing but when you imagine your self in it, it just doesn't suits you well, or its just not your style. So do not waste your money on those clothing, buy something that suits and flatter you. Imagine yourself in it!! Its fun to try new style once in a while but do make sure you are not wasting your money on some clothing that doesn't flatter you.

Tip #3: Get your measurements right. 

Always always check your measurements and compare it to those description below the clothing. Do not go over ambitious to get a one size up or down. I always make sure the clothing is just right my size, unless its some sports wear or raglan that I want to be comfortable in. You can get a professional tailor or someone else to measure it for you which will be more accurate. The measurements should be loose fitting as in not too tight and not too loose, you should be just comfortable in it. 

Tip #4: Compare the price.

Now usually in Malaysia, different shops carry the same outfits with different prices. So to get the best outta your buck, always try to compare the prices and reputation of the items. Some maybe more expensive but are ready stock, while some might be much cheaper but requires you to pre-order it, some cheaper ones might even be a fraud, so make sure you follow tip #1, do your homework. 

Tips #5: Don't be shy to ask for more information.

In times of doubts of material, size and fitting, I will always PM/message the shop and enquire about the products I am interested in. That way you get to know more of what you are going to buy and decide on the purchase and also to build up rapport with the shop owner/staffs and get to know about their customer services. Bad customer services is always a turn-down for me.

Tips #6: The waiting time

When you buy clothing online, do check whether your items is a ready-stock, pre-order, backorder etc. It does affect you because if you are in need of the clothing in a short time, go for the ready stock, don't be shy to inform them that you need it to be mailed, say, within a week. If you have plenty of time to spare, preorder and backorders are just fine. 

Tips #7: Do not get deceive by pictures.

Too often some shops use pictures of slim models to showcase their clothings, while in real life the clothes are not the same as in the picture or it just doesn't fit. To avoid this from happening, I usually like those shop with a real life model where the owner took pictures of the items worn themselves, and not some pictures that the manufacturer supply to them. This gives you an idea of how the clothing goes on say, a standard Malaysian female with body measurements close to you, rather than a Caucasian supermodel which measurement are unrealistic for us Malaysian girls.

Real Model
I am not convince this is taken by the owner.

Tips #8: Make sure its wearable.

While it might be fun to experiment with some new styles once in a while, its heart breaking to see your money burn with buying clothes that you wont wear or get to wear on a daily basis, or its just not realistic to wear in the society (eg, clothes that are too sexy or revealing?). Or the clothes might just be a complicated contraption or looks cheap despite you paying a hefty price for it. 

Tips #9: Payment wise. 

Most of the shop with website accept credit card and paypals. Some only accept bank transfers. So take note of this and don't get scammed. Protect your own privacy.

Tips #10: Follow up on shipment.

Most of the time if you purchase from a website, there will always be a follow-up statement to inform you regarding the shipping of a product. Even some instagram/facebook shop, they will message me and tell me my items was shipped and give me a tracking number. So do follow up once in a while to ask about your shipments.

Tips #11: Write Reviews and Feedbacks

Never be afraid to write reviews on the shop or products you received, so the future consumers can make use of your reviews!! Sharing is caring right? 

There goes my 11 tips of buying clothes online. I hope it helps girls!! Thanks for dropping by. Signing off with love.

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