Online Clothes Shopping In Malaysia + Massive Reviews--- My Experiences!! PART 1: Websites


Hey guys, I am back with more blogposts. A few months ago, I started this crazy online shopping spree (yes, I feel bad that I was hooked) and here I am today. I will be sharing my reviews and thoughts of online shipping in MALAYSIA, Part 1 will be those with website, and Part 2 will be instagram/facebook shops (most of the time they are smaller shops). I will also be sharing what I bought from the shop, thou some of them might not have my own pictures in it (because its either still in my university, or I don't have time to "model" it for you guys XD or some of them are just damn exposing :P) but I promise, I will definitely update the pictures in the future, so you can have a clearer look at the product. Before I started, my body type is petite curvy kinda body. Bust 84-86cm, 75cm waist, 94cm hip, shoulder 33-36cm (I might be measuring inaccurately but there are all loose measurements). Lets get started!! (Note: I place all the links below, have a click!!)

Part 3 here.

I believe this is one of the most popular online clothing shop in Malaysia. Founder @sherlyn_fitness is really an inspiration, both in entrepreneurship and fitness!! I love the shop's clean and classy concepts and I believe all of the products are self-designed and manufactured.

What I got: 

Dianthe Skort (White) S size for RM 24 
(It was on clearance sale, so I thought I gave it a try. Fabric was on the lacey side, weird design thou, high waist, I don't find myself wearing them often because they are more tight fitting and is quite short, However guys its not on the website anymore, so its hard for me to find a picture of the model)

MOVE by Twenty3 Zoe Sports Bra (Black) M size for RM99 
(This sports bra was a little bit dissapointing because its not very stretchable thou I got it because I think the design is really unique. Support wise I think its a bit below average, because I have a small bust and this sports bra makes it even flatter =.=, I do think it will be worse for people with bigger bust. They are currently running a sale on this items for  RM89.10.)

Oceanus Quick Dry Top in White size M for RM62.30
(Again guys I got this during sales, because their stuffs are quite expensive and without a nice sale, I don't recommend buying it unless you really really like it. This top is very nice to wear but it fits you just nice so I am glad I got a size up. I think it would be really good for the gym because its like those dry-fit fabric. Plus the print is simple and catchy!!)

Overall review: (3.5/5)
The pricing of this shop is definitely on the higher end. Not really suitable for teenagers but for office lady it might just be a good catch. I do recommend going to their retail shops in Atria Shopping Gallery, Publika and Bangsar Village to have a try yourself before buying. I see they have a lot of lovely elegant dresses over their website but I did not get it because its not quite my style, but if you love their flowery clean crisp designs, do check them out. They ship worldwide and have a 15-30 days return policy!! For me, they have really efficient shipping, my stuffs arrived in like 2-3 days (I mail my stuffs to Sarawak btw, so peninsular readers, you might be getting it earlier). I love love love their new MOVE designs, they claimed its must stretchable and the bra pads are better in this version, designs are also lovely for you gyms babes!! I might consider to get one myself. Check out their new arrival here.

Now here is one of my favourite lately. Doublewoot specialize in women's workwears and some really chic and sleek clothes. and most of them are very neat and true to the picture!! Quality is just amazing.

What I got:

Duzanis (white) in Size M for RM105
(It looked like a sweet lacey dress that I could wear to Malay or Indian party without having to be too expose. I love the lace details on the neckline and the dress covers more than my knees. It has this beautiful semi long bell sleeve as well. However, it gets a bit tight on my hips, maybe I am the one getting when I walk, the thing just lift up a little and I have to constantly pull it down..LOL..its also available in green and red. but overall a lovely piece!!)

Dorkiana Top (white and black) Size S RM 78 each
(One look at this halter neck top, I knew I have to get my hands on it.. it definitely looks lovely with the neckline and fluttery waist cut, but it doesnt feel quite as comfortable as I would imagine it to be.. its slightly warm on the skin especially in a hot humid country like Malaysia, and the neck line is killing me, so I have to constantly pull it. The cutting is great in a way it doesnt exposed your breast from the sides because most of the time you will either need an X shape bra or even go braless with a halter neck tip. My verdict is that at least it looks good, you just have to get used to the neckline.)

Derkwan (White) Size S RM95 each
(Love love love the cape flowy feel of this beautiful dress!! I actually have to order this through a backorder because it sold out sho fast!! Will keep you guys updated on this)

Dronteq (Black) Size M RM140
(I feel this might just be one of the most expensive dress in this website, but let me tell you, this is my favourite piece as well, it fits me sho nicely and its sho elegant and sexy at the same time!! I can't wait for an occasion where I can wear this baby. The fabric is very good and it feels comfortable on the skin, you might need to get a stick on bra for this but overall, its a magical piece, and its the first piece I got from doublewoot!! Available in white and red as well)

Overall Review: (4/5)

I highly recommend this website to you all, especially you work ladies out there who is searching for a good quality yet affordable workwear. Their pieces are to die for and it usually sold out very quickly once they are released. Quality is superb and size options are very diverse. Despite my Dorkiana Top wasn't as comfy as they claimed it would be, they definitely look flattering on me. Prices are also on the higher side but qualities are amazing and its worth every penny, girls!! You can even double some of the workwear for dinner wear, so for me this is definitely a website I will recommend. They do ship internationally and have a return policy in terms of store credit.

I feel this shop is like a malaysian dupe of Uniqlo because they concepts encircles around comfy and casual wear which are clean and crisp in designs. 

What I got:

Lollipop Sweatshirt in Size S for RM 24.90 (Color that I got is Baby Blue and Grey)
(I guess when you open up the link above and be like Hey Kay, its Rm59.90 lah, well, please use the code: MYSWEATSHIRTS to get Rm19.90 for your first piece of sweat shirt from milktee. How generous are them!! I must say these sweatshirt are the most comfy ones I have ever own, they are super duper soft and lovely in colors, I wear them all the time even on warmer days =.= Its definitely worth!! however do not that, the size S is a bit big for me so do take your measurements correctly before purchasing. I highly recommend this product from milktee, its one of their best clothing yet!! Worth the money and value, and lots of colors to choose from!!)

Strong Girl SweatShirt Maroon color Size S for RM79.90
(Well I have been sho happy with the lollipop sweat shirt so when milktee launch a new line of sweatshirt I decided to get one despite of the price. I must say I feel the strong girl line of sweat shirt is not as thick and nice as the lollipop one =.= but its still very comfy to wear. The package also came with a weekly planner, which for me its er... bit too small but good to carry around...however, 10% of purchase for this line will goes to Women's Aid Organization, means when you buy this, you are doing a good deed for charity. Its available in white and black. If you ask me, I still prefer the lollipop one over this...)

Jojo Tees Abyss Blue Size S for RM 39.90
(Got this during a discount. Well, I am quite dissapointed with this one, I got it in the smallest size possible, and it fits my mum better... I feel that this one might be more suitable for muslimah because of its really large crewneck, the fabric is quite nice thou, soft cotton fabric, but I have to gave it to my mum because I just couldnt wear it because its too oversize.)

Hanna Raglan Green Size M RM39.90
(I was captivated by the raglan series on milktee so I decided to get one. Boy I am glad to get one size up because this thing SHRINKS in the laundry after the first wash.. It doesnt look as good as on the model but its comfy to wear. Good thing is they launch a few more colors and offer consumers more colors to choose from, but seriously guys, if you wana get this, remember to get one size up or you'll find your next fitting super tight.)

Valerie White Knitted Turtleneck Top Free Size RM49.90
Its super soft and stretchable and absolute comfy to wear. However, after washing just a mere two times, it fluffed up like real badly...I would recommend uniqlo knitwear instead. perhaps the milktee ones is made from cotton and the uniqlo one is made from polyester and rayon for almost the same price...but seriously, fluffed up sweater knit wear is not attracted considering it can only last up to two wearing. Get their lollipop or strong girl sweater instead..its wayyyyyyy better.

Overall Review: (3.0/5)

I love the comfy concept similar to Uniqlo, but I feel most of the clothing there are also suitable for our Muslim friends because their clothing are quite loose and most of them are long-sleeves. There are some hits and misses from this shop in terms of quality of clothing, but overall they are all very comfy to wear because most of their products are either cotton or knit. The shipping was fast too and customer service is good. Price wise almost same as uniqlo. A good alternative to uniqlo if you want to try something new and still comfy. However, the choices of clothing they have are still limited but I hope to see more of em new arrivals soon!! Nice job, milktee!!

I am a big fan of Uniqlo clothing, they are affordable and comfy and smart and sleek...and the list goes on...So when I discover their Malaysia Online store, I was more than thrilled to try out. Of course those I listed below is those I got from their online store, but I have tons that I got from their retail store as well.

What I got:

Women Supima Cotton Crew Neck  Long Sleeve Size M for RM39.90 (two of them I got for RM 29.90 during a discount online)
(I am very into long sleeve comfort wear these days and I have all the colors of this series..=.= Yes I am definitely the kind who wear the same type of cloth everyday and not get bored of it. LOL. Its so soft and comfy and looks clean as well, paired it with any skirts or pants and you are good to go, long sleeve makes you look slimmer as well)

Women Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse (Wine) Size M for RM99
(the wine color is definitely a nice addition to my wardrobe, its a daily staple, the rayon long sleeve blouse can be worn as formal or as a outerwear, its soft and comfy and looks chic!! Now its normally Rm79.90, maybe this is the new batch with new colors thats why its more expensive.)

Overall review: (4.5/5)

I must commend uniqlo on their shipping efficiency, I ordered in the afternoon and the stuffs was shipped out the same day after 2-3 hours. How fast was that!! Do take note that they have free shipping for RM150 and above, if not they charge you RM20 for each delivery. I really have no complains about this online store. They do have online disocunt very often, so what I did was I went to the retail store and try out my size and when they have discount online on the same items, I'll instantly know what size fits me and grab it in a jiffy. Of course, If your favourite items ran outta stock in your nearby uniqlo retail store, there might be some left online direcly from their warehouse. My personal favourites has to be the Supima cotton series and the Rayon blouse series. I also loved their soft cotton maxi skirts which is the most comfortable long skirts in the world, I have 3 of them!!. Also not to forget their very popular legging pants, I got mine in dark brown, wine and black, beautiful colors to choose from!!  Overall, lots of love for this online shop. Its so worth the money, the clothes are staples and long lasting,  I feel its very worth investing in their clothes because it goes a long way and you can wear it everyday, formal or casual. I'll be talking about this more on my next few blog post about worthiness of clothes we buy online.

The name is dreamy, the items are even more amazing. This is one lovely shop I am in love with. They have different themes upon every new arrivals, which makes things interesting. 

What I got:

(One look at this lovely bikini set and I was like I GOTTA HAVE THIS. Its sporty looking, great for gym and swimming altogether, looks chic and not too exposing. I do have some problem wearing the top because first, it is a bit too tight for me and second, its sho hard to orientate and wear this swimsuit, in the end I have to sew some parts of it to fix its shape and to know where is front and where is back and which straps goes here and there. It was quite terrible, but it looks very good and flattering. And for price, its definitely worth it!! )

(This beauty is definitely worth the price. Thou there is no size to choose from, and yeah, it does goes on a little bit tight on me, its flattering and chic and good on colder days.)

(Love love love this shift dress, it kinda looks like a dungaree, but its knit, and its sho comfy and light, definitely one of the products I highly recommend from dreamscape)

Overall review: (4.5/5)

I think more people should know this website because, their pricing are very reasonable for the quality of their clothings. They have interesting themes like Retro-active, DOTS, and superheros..and for every theme they handpick their items to match their theme, how neat is that. They offer free shipping throughout Malaysia and accept online bank transfer (but not credit card via ipay88). Overall, this is one of my favourite online clothing shop. I do wish they have new arrivals more often. I really like their Sahara Suede Skirt (where I can't find anywhere else in Malaysia-based online shop) and their leather jacket which is just RM 79!! They clothing are worth every penny and customer service is good too. Delievery wise is also quite fast and neat (they wrap your purchase in dainty bows and mesh). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

This shop is quite a popular shop online lately so I kinda checked them out. Reviews are very good and the items they sell are mostly very girly. Despite I did not get a lot of items from them, but yeah I kinda like this shop.

What I got:

(well, I kinda regret getting this one because in the picture it doesnt show that its crop top, but when I wore it, well, it is crop top, which is not entirely their fault because I did not measure the length prior to buying, overall not bad, i'll probably wear it for gym)

Overall Review: (4/5)

Well guys, I love the website itself and the items, especially the off-shoulders or cold shoulders. I know they all look very good on chanwon (a Malaysia blogger). Despite the one I got was not to my liking, I will definitely give them another go. The customer service is good and the shipping was damn fast as well, I was impressed!! what can I say more, their service is good and trustable and the items are ready stock and handpicked. I must say for every new arrival, they sold out pretty fast, so if you were eyeing on one item, better snatch them without even bother to compare prices. And yes, I would definitely recommend it to girls who love a nice pop of lovely colors, and who love off shoulders and lacey and knitted stuffs. Their pony tees are actually very cute but I found another website (MOSfashion) with half the price of theirs but with much longer waiting time for preorder of course. I am also loving their ruffle sleeve off shoulder top in blue because its just lovely!! I wish they can restock the dreamy cold shoulder blouse thou because if they do, I wont hesitate to get one myself!!. They accept credit card through ipay88. They also have a retail store in Batu Pahat, Johor.


This is a very lovely pastelly shop based in Penang. Its popular because of its clothing, they only sell clothes that are colors like pantone, light blue, light pink, light grey and some white. Its a great shop for people who love pastel and sweet pantone colors.

What I got:

Pastel Baseball Cap (Pink and Blue) each RM32
(Damn I love these pastel suede caps sho much, they are just lovely!! They perked up any outfit and its light and sturdy. Any girls should have a nice cap!! You might think I am exaggerating because yeah I seen these caps on many instagram shops form RM 30 or so, but then they always charge shipping to sarawak so if I divided it the cap will be more than just RM30. While this website offered FREE shipping for 2 items and above, I am so thrills I found a trustable website with good service and affordable price.)

Overall review: (3.5/5)

I am really captivated by the color of this shop, pastels and pantone!! Its overall a very very lovely shop. I did not really get any of their items because its more on the frilly girly side and I just couldnt decide on which one is suitable for me, but they all look super lovely. Definitely recommend it for girls who love some sweet colors and lacey stuffs. Delivery was very fast as well and the packing is nice!!  Recently they just started accepting credit card through ipay88.

I love how simple and elegant this website is, and the owner is very friendly as well. 

What I got:

(It looks good, but its not much of a support, its quite comfortable to wear, so I'll probably wear it for to the beach rather than as a inner top.)

(Simple crisp and comfy cottony shirt, i must say, it doesnt look super flattering, but it definitely is casual and comfortable to wear, the fabric is quite thick and good quality, and I know lotsa shops selling the same thing but this is one of the cheapest I can find for RM30 excluding shipping fees. This top will pair great with some tight jeans!! )

Overall review: (3.5/5)
Now I feel this shop actually have more accessories than clothes, and they are amazingly beautiful and worth the price. I definitely recommend getting their accessories such as necklaces and earrings and sunglasses. They have nice clothes which are more on the minimalist side, not much choice of color or choice, shipping was fast and efficient, and owner is very friendly despite me asking her about products. Price is definitely worth it, their stocks are all ready stock and they all look lovely. Some of their lovely clothing include this mystery girl white lace skirt, and their oversize button quarter sleeve shirt. Definitely check out their chokers as well!!

It looks like a cool and stylish website at first glance. The online reviews are very good so I decided to give it a go.

What I got:

(I think i just got the worst product of the shop? I DID NOT like my bag at all, the zipper strap literally just snapped off when I pull the zipper and the whole bag felt sticky...despite the shipping was fast and efficient, I was all bitter about this bag, so big no-no for this bag. After I bought it I was the SAME bag at zalora and other shops for like only RM58 or 68, and i was like, this shop have really high pricing)

Overall review: (3/5)

I feel is not fair to give it a bad review just because I myself got something bad from the website. They do have a lot of nice clothing, such as this untamed lace-up dress which is their self-made, this free society oversize blazer with grey grid which is also their self-made, feral child bag, and bell short sleeve summer top, just to name a few. However, their price are a bit higher than average for their selfmade, for other items I guess its ok, I must say but the shipping is fast and efficient. Also note that most of their apparel are quite small in size, some don't even fit me in terms of measurements. Overall I will say this shop have some hits and misses but some of their items are to die for. Suitable for girls who like minimalism and cool chic kinda outfit.

This looks like an online blogshop, and its a pretty decent one too!! Its mostly preorder basis but they have some ready stocks as well.

What I got:

(The quality was superb, unlike other bralette I bought online, this one really got a nice support, the bra pad was thick and of good quality!!)

Overall review: (4/5)

This is mostly a preorder blogshop, but the items it offered are so diversify, ranging from cute socks to nice bags with a good price. All you need is some patience and preorder items will usually arrive within 2 weeks of wait, some of the items here are really cute!! I have been eyeing on this cat paw stocking forever!! And this watermelon stocking is really adorable. They also have this grumpy cat iphone case which is really hard to find anywhere else, and this lovely fedora hat, to this really cool looking aviator sunglasses, just to name a few. Will definitely recommend this you guys!! Pricing wise depends, some are average, some are above average. Their socks are definitely a bit more expensive because let's face it, the designs are really hard to find within Malaysia. Thumbs up for the diversity of their products.

First glance at this i feel its like Sally fashion (and i heard really bad reviews about sally)... but I gave it a go anyway because of its relatively cheap clothing.

What I got:
(Took me like 1 month or so to receive this upon payment...long wait, but surprisingly this top is quite nice!! Well it turns out to be a crop top unlike that in the picture but the material quality is not bad!!)

(I kinda dislike the material because its quite rough despite its knitted and all and the cut is too low and yeah I have small bewbs so it doesnt flatter my body at all, great to be worn inner over a jacket I guess)

Overall review: (3.5/5)
I feel that the price is really worth it, just that the waiting time is quite long, quality wise is on par with those you can normally get in other online store. So if you guys want to save some bucks and have plenty of time to spare, give this a go!! the clothing selection is huge but make sure you choose carefully, especially your size and all!!

Honourable mentions that I have yet to try in the future. If any of you girls have tried before, do lemme know how it goes!! You girls can try them out as well !! THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST, just a list of website that seemed trustable to me and have nice items.


2.Pink Eighteen


4. Choki (for bags)

5. wardrobemess

6. Uniqueens

7. loletto13

8. Palloe

9. Closetmino

10. Whitesoot

11. Keimag

12. Malibu beach wear

13. Beauty One

14. Luvclo

So we reach the end of my blog post, I feel like I have been typing like forever and its finally done.*exhausted fingers need some rest* So stay tune for part 2 lovelies and I hope this massive review helps in your future purchases!! Will be also writing up a blog on tips and trick on how to buy online clothings (eg, how to estimate measurements blah blah and so on) As always, I love to hear from you, so any enquiries please leave a comment down below. You can suggest me some online or instagram shops you like too so I can try them out!!

Signing off with love!!

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