Online Clothes Shopping In Malaysia + Massive Reviews--- My Experiences!! PART 2: Instagram/ Facebook Shops


Hey girls, here is part 2 of my massive online clothing shops review, and part 2 is going to be about Instagram/ Facebook shops, in other words, these shop do not have a proper website and orders are placed via PM/ Messenger/ whatsapp/line etc etc. Well generally, some of you might think these kinda shop is cheaper than those with websites, I'll say it depends, really, I came across some which is cheaper and some which is more expensive, some that's really dissapointing and some that are really not bad. So I tried some of them out, and I'll probably list out some others one which I find "hey, not bad, I might give it a go in the future" at the end of my review. So same as Part 1, I'll be posting what I bought and my thoughts on that shop. I'll probably write up another blog post on how to choose clothes online. Part 1 here.

1. @girlnextdoorr_ (formerly known as @theattic_)

What I got:

Minimal A-Line Midi Skirt for RM68
(I love this skirt, its made out of terry cloth, the inner texture is like towel kinda cloth, and its very comfortable, however it might not fit everyone because its quite tight to the fitting, but it fits me nicely and its A-line!! which makes you look slimmer. Too bad when I order this skirt it was the last batch, so you girls may not be able to get this one from this shop anymore)

Overall review: (4/5)

Well this shop is a pretty sweet shop overall, I wouldn't say it has lotsa items to choose from, but most of the items are quite decent, price is just average, not too expensive and not super cheap either, the owner is very nice and sweet, she really answer my questions patiently, which most of the time I am quite "paiseh" (shy) about being too skeptical about online clothes. But yeah, my package actually came with a nice little note book and some free samples of random stuffs, and I am happy with my skirt!! You guys can definitely give this one a try, I do see some pretty neat stuffs there for a decent price. Their cold Shoulder dreamy top is sweet looking!!


What I got: 

OL pants black Size S 

Muji Linen culottes in denim grey

Casual korean culottes in black

Pleated pants in grey color

All sum up to be RM193 including shipping. (Look guys I don't wana comment much but I bought so much because this shop was actually open by a relative of a friend of mine, but I have to say, it took me sho long to receive the stuffs, understandable because the owner was having some plight during travels, but I am really really dissapointed with the quality and look of those pants. I don't really like a single one of them, especially for the pricings. *sigh* It doesnt even look like the picture and one of the pants was sent in the wrong color and wrong size.)

Overall Review: (1.5/5)

I wouldn't ask you guys to not buy from this shop cause I do seen some instagrammers wearing some outfit from this shop and it look pretty good, but seriously, I personally wont recommend it to anyone especially their pants. The price is decent but it just doesnt suits me. I'll leave the judgement to you. Despite me purchasing more than Rm150, they did not give me free shipping, so I have to pay for the shipping as well. The shop does have a lot of selections thou, and also some are unique to this shop, but overall for me, its a dissapointing experience and I am not gona buy any pants from this shop anymore. 

3. @oops_myshop

This shop are mostly preorder rather than ready stock.

What I got:

Sexy bralet for RM 37 
(Erm, this bralette is quite flimsy, really bad support and one of the pad is all bend =.=, wont recommend it to anyone. FYI, I like bralette and sports bra for a good work out and for swimming, this one just did not work out for me)

Overall review: (2/5)

I'll say don't get the bralette but there are quite some stuffs that I think is not bad from this shop. Such as their swimsuit, off shoulder, and pillows. Pricing is average, not too expensive but it takes quite a wait, like one or two weeks because its preorder basis. I'll say you can give it a try if you like some of their items. 

4. @thenaturalstyle

The name is quite captivating now, isn't it?

What I got:

Joni Jeans L size black color RM45 
(they claimed that this is their best seller and its available in 4 colors. The quality is really not bad, not like super soft, but its decently comfy to wear and is high waist. I looked at the label and its made in Thailand? But overall not bad of a jeans, flattering to wear as well. I believe they offer two for RM80 for you and your bff)

Eleanor Vintage Skirt Size M RM45
(love this suede skirt, its good quality and nice laser cut pattern, the only problem I had with it is that its a bit too short, so I recommend wearing some sorta safety pants inside. I don't think by this time they have this in stock, but I saw this on other shops as well)

Black Katrina Crop Top RM 36
(this top is really cute, and the straps are elastics! but not really for daily wear, great for the beach thou, because not to pull anypart of it because like I said, the straps are elastics and you might just get "exposed", overall quite a cute top. I saw models featuring tops like this in the local women's magazine and you can find this top quite easily on other shops. Available in blue, red, white.)

Midi Skirt Size S RM39
(I was sho impressed with this midi skirt, quality is superb for the price!! its very neat and its good for office wear and also your daily outings. Definitely recommend this!!)

Overall reviews: (4/5)

I like this shop quite a lot, the owner has been very nice to answering the questions and suggesting sizes, and the delivery was prompt!! I would definitely recommend this shop to you guys if you are looking for something cute to wear with a decent price tag. The price I'll say its consider below average (cheaper) than other shop with the same products... like i said previously, their jeans are their best selling stuffs, they also have some items like dungarees and some skirts. Do check them out.

5. (they are more active on facebook and carousell)

This shop sells swimwears and its preorder basis.

What I got

Long Sleeve Black Bikini for RM91

(I am totally in love with this set of bikini, it fits me very very well, its sexy but not too revealing)

Overall Review: (4/5)

Their swimwears are gorrrrrgeous. I really love and highly recommend this shop for you babes that want to find a really flattering bikini/swimwear. You can order via messenger on Facebook because they are not really active on instagram. Their price are very affordable for swimwears (I got ogival for like more than RM100) but the downside is you need to have some patience to wait for your preorder. I highly recommend their rash guards (long sleeve bikinis). Below are some of my favourites I have been eyeing on. I will definitely order from them again in the future!!

So these are a few instagram/ facebook shops I have tried. 

And below are some honourable mentions that I think i'll try in the future because they look quite nice. I usually judge by seeing their products and price. I like those with real models (means they take the picture of model wearing the clothes themselves rather than being dependant on the pictures supplied by the manufacturer). I feel preordering doesn't really matters if you have the time to wait. If you girls happened to try any of the shop below before, lemme know how it goes!!

1. @melody_wardrobe

2. @buttonbows.vw

3. @oohsoprettymy

4. @colorvinee

5. @ asimpleslut15

6. @ryl_com


8. @the_minimal

9. @be.the.look 

10. @symply.j

Thats all for this post. There are like sho many instagram/facebook shop out there to try out, the one posted here are just some I came across. And it took me quite a lot of work to compile some of my favourites!! For those shop that did not get listed here, perhaps I havent discover you yet, you can follow me on insta and i'll follow you back (my instagram: @battle_meow), follow me and I'll have a look at your shop!! I hope you girls find this useful!! Happy shopping, lovelies. Stay tune for my blogpost on how to buy clothes online.

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