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Hey guys, during the period where I was away from my blog, I stocked up on a few new batman books and I thought I would write a review of them and where I get them from. 

Where I got it: 
I got it from Kinokuniya Online Bookstore for RM77 (pre-order) along with two other books. Kinokuniya charged me RM42.40 for shipping fees, which is crazy expensive!! One outta three books I ordered was ready stock, the other two was pre-order. I chose the option to have them shipped together because I wasn't in a rush or anything. Somehow their system messed up and one of them was sent to me earlier, and hence I believe for East Malaysia, the shipping fees was RM20 per package? STILL TOO EXPENSIVE. Plus, I had to wait about one month or so for my pre-order to arrive. Therefore, dear fellow Malaysians, I recommend you just go to their store to purchase their stuffs, ONLINE PURCHASE NOT RECOMMENDED!! Also remember to sign up for their membership if you are somewhat a regular customer because for each purchases, you get a 10% discount, even on regular items, its worth the membership fee. I'll put the link to books I got below. I had to get them from kinokuniya instead of other bookstore because they have a lot of rare books that you can hardly find in other stores, somehow, I like mphonline way way way better!!

My Dog: The Paradox by the Oatmeal
The World According to the Joker
The World According to Batman

So today I will be reviewing this book about Joker. When I saw it, I knew I HAD to get it because why not? I love the Joker!! 

Front view
Back View

PART 1: About this book

Author: Matthew Manning

Illustrator: Joel Gomez

Size: About 18x18cm or 7x7 inches

Pages: 62

Hard Cover with a square free poster (11x11 inches)

Fully coloured

Description: Enter the Joker’s twisted world as the Clown Prince of Crime shares his deranged worldview, revealing his skewed perspective on everything from life in Arkham Asylum to battling Batman.Packed with inserts and special removable items, this terrifying look at the greatest comic book villain of all time explores the Joker’s psychotic ruminations and exposes his most heinous crimes. A startling journey into the depths of a criminally insane mind, The World According to the Joker gives unparalleled insight into the ultimate super-villain.

Some spoilers below

PART 2: My thoughts

(4/5) Despite it looks like a pretty small book with just 62 pages and a short reading time, I must say, I love it!! Its more like a simplified Joker biography with a lot of graphics and full of 'extra' stuffs like post-it notes, joker cards, even a spinwheel..So this book is basically a form of Joker writing about himself for his therapist, Dr Arkham. He "wrote" about about how he came to be Joker, a few pages about Harley Quinn, Joker Gas recipe, how to trap Batman, his relationship with Batman etc etc. Indulge yourself in getting to know Joker better while Joker wrote from a first person view. Twisted with humor, I personally think its a fun book to read. The graphics are gorgeous and all the pages are fully coloured, plus its hard covered. Conclusion, this is a pretty decent book for Batman fans out there. Of course there are other books to choose from if you want to read more thorough about Joker, but this book is like a quick guide and a concise, fun version too!! which makes reading it somewhat enjoyable. Great gift for your comic craze friends!!

Also check out my review for The World According to Batman.

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